Penguicon 2016

April 30, 2016-DSC_0032Two weeks ago I went to a Linux and Opensource convention (Penguicon), in the hopes to spark some idea’s for my Basic Computer Help channel. Good news is that it worked. I also managed to get some shots of some Cos-Players and with my new Nikon D7200. Review coming soon. I am going to quickly touch on a lot of different topics in this post. I may a detailed post on some subjects later, going to do a vlog on my experence on the Gender Neutral Bathrooms.

20160501_162115 20160501_162157

First thing I want to state is that this was a Convention that was all about consent and I did enjoy that a lot, and as far as I can tell they did enforced it.

I sat in on a good number of panels and lectures (at least 10) on Cos*playing and Linux. I even got invited to sit on one panel and had fun with that. I am going to reach out to speak on more next year.

The cos*players there where amazing and I was a little surprised that a Linux/Open Source con would even have cos*player.

April 30, 2016-DSC_0039I shared some Images in Instagram already but the 3 I am most proud of is the header for this post. Toaden from suggested I take that shot and I am glad he did. Great shot from that. Another 1 is the one on the right of this paragraph. She was in body paint mostly and I shared it on Instagram and someone flagged it and it got removed, 🙁 sad as for Motor City Comic Con this year I will not be able to post any teasers to Instagram because I have a 2 week suspension from posting (gets lifted Sunday) and that picture was my only strike on Instagram. At the end of the photo gallery is a great photo of Harly Quinn and I believe someone dressed in Steam Punk, there was a Steam Punk party about to go on that sadly I could not make it to.


As always you can click on any photo to see a larger version of it.


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