Projects and Plans for 2015.

Hello Readers/Viewers,
I hope you had a good 2014, and I hope that 2015 will bring you happiness and prosperity.

My 2014 was not the best of years, but it also wasn’t the worst either.

For my 2015 I have a few plans.

  1. I am going to try to vlog more often on my vlogging channel. As well as being more consistent on all of my YouTube channels altogether.
  2. I am going to restart my “Tips for Starting a Computer Repair Business” series: some of them will be more advanced tips, but I plan to start with some basic ones, that most people don’t think of but will destroy most small businesses. (Even the non-technical businesses)
  3. I am going to throw out my learning C# series (I’m not going to delete any of my videos), instead I’m going to cover some of the more advanced techniques in both C# and C++. I will try to explain them as basic as I can.
  4. I am also going to start an entire series on DIY photography and videography projects.

I also have a few other plans that I am working on, but at the moment they are not ready to talk about.

Mysteriously Yours,
William E. McCormick


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