Reactions to Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer reveal.

call_of_duty_ghosts-wallpaper-big  As some people know I have been keeping up with the Call Of Duty series for a wile now. And I am excited about the new Call of Duty: Ghost that is coming out later this year.

Today I watched the live reveal of the Multiplayer aspect of the game.  And I must say that I am exited for its launch. Even if I cannot afford a copy on the first day.  The ability to make a soldier instead of just a class is the biggest plus in my book. And to all my Female Voyage viewers out there you an even play a female character in the game.

They are dropping the number of air based kill streaks. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, as I do tend to knock out the enemy UAV with a rocket launcher. I am excited to see more of the ground based drone that replaces the UAV.

They got rid of death streaks, that is a good thing.

The dynamic environments is a interesting thing that I noted. The fact that the environment can change is nothing really new to gamming, not even to the Call of Duty series of games. But the fact that you can change a area by blowing up a gas station does make a interesting change to the Call of Duty series.

I do like the new game modes:

  • Cranked, where every kill makes you faster, but going longer then 30 seconds without a kill, will kill you.
  • Search and Rescue, a lot like Search and Destroy,, where your team can revive you by picking up your tag or enemies can deny the revive by doing the same.
  • Squads, where you and a squad compete against the AI or other players. I do not remember if your squad is other players or the AI.


I also like the fact that it will come out for both the PS3 and PS4 with the ability to transfer your Multiplayer across the the different generations of systems.

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