Ron Paul May Win the GOP Primary Race


I have been following the GOP primary race since it started this season, and I must say it does actually look like Ron Paul will win the GOP primary Republican Convention. Now as some of my friends know in 2008 I actually supported Ron Paul’s ascendance to the president of the United States, in 2012 I have changed my position quite radically. The reasons I have changed my views on Ron Paul are for another blog post, that I may do in the future.

Now people are going to ask me how? I elect to receive a lot of political-based e-mail, some are from Ron Paul’s campaign for presidency, some are from the campaign for liberty, and some are from other presidential hopefuls (ex. Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Barack Obama, etc.). This is how he is doing it.

With every presidential race there are two types of primary states. Some states are called primaries, and the rest are called caucuses. A primary state is simple, a day that elections occur whoever has the most votes wins that state. For this article were going to focus on caucuses only.

In a caucus state the voting throughout the day does not really matter, after the voting is done, party representatives meet to discuss who the delegates are going to Be. These discussions are open to the public and delegates are usually voted by a show of hand. Before voting to choose delegates curse they usually dismiss, most of the public usually goes home. This is where Ron Paul fans, and his campaign in general, are very smart. The people in support of Ron Paul’s candidacy for The Office of President of the United States, they stay behind so that they can vote for the delegate that will say that their state supports Ron Paul. Here’s where things are a little weird. Even though Ron Paul has not won the majority of any state, she has nearly 100% of all state delegates from the caucus states, if he manages to get most of the delegates from the caucus states she will win the Republican nomination to run for president of the United States.

As most of my friends also note I am not a big fan of President Barack Obama, I am also in no way, shape or form a member of the Republican Party, or supporter of any current Republican candidate for President of the United States. At the moment I do not support or endorse any candidate for president, or any political party.
I am a independent.

William McCormick

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