Cosplayers at Motor City Comic Con 2018

Last weekend I went to Motor City Comic Con. I had a fun time as always. Friday was a bit frustrating causing me to only make the last hour of the con. But Saturday and Sunday where great. I even managed to get a photoshoot with a Cosplayer I had meet there that weekend. I did attempt to setup a few photoshoots over the weekend with other cosplayers but the weekend was a bit crazy. 

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6 responses to “Cosplayers at Motor City Comic Con 2018”

  1. Paige Avatar

    Hey there! It was fun meeting you at Motor City! I was the huntress with the axe and my friends were the three survivors. Is there any way we could get a high-resolution file? Its a great picture!

    1. william Avatar

      Yes I got it. It will probably have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow. I will send it via email. Is the email you used for this post your current email?

      1. Paige Avatar

        Of course, I understand. Yes, this is my current email address.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Hi! It was great meeting you last weekend. I was the Miranda Lawson and my friend was Commander Shepard. When you have a chance, would you mind sending me a high res version of the picture you took of us? Same email as what I used in my comment 😄 Thanks!

  3. Chanelle Avatar

    Yay they are all nice . I like how mine turned out. Bright red dress ftw

  4. Antonia Avatar

    Hello. I was the Wonder Woman with the sword and then I was Catwoman with the Harley Quinn.

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