Cos-players At Great Lakes Comic*Con

February 27, 2016-DSC_0082Over the last 2 years I have been going to various events around my area. I have been photographing most of my events, But most of the time just putting them on my private Facebook page. So I am planning on doing blog posts with my best photos here. Some will be from tests, with results of the tests. This con I did test a few things out for Future videos but this post will be talking about (and showing) the various cos-players at Great Lakes Comic Con, and Got a lot of photos there (Complete Gallery at the end of this post).

February 27, 2016-DSC_0020

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February 27, 2016-DSC_0022

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I started with Batman and Captain America (well people dressed like them lol). Fallowed by the Joker. Must say that they where really good

February 27, 2016-DSC_0066

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One of the cos-players I got enjoyment out of was Matt the Radar Technician, from a SNL sketch. I never thought I would see someone cos-play a comedy sketch but that was cool.

February 27, 2016-DSC_0024

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February 27, 2016-DSC_0023

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And of course I did get some of the cos-players that had booths there. On the left is from the The 501st Great Lakes Garrison and Rebel Base, On the right The Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition. As well as The R2-D2 Builders Club (First 3 photos in the gallery).


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