How Many Business Cards Should you Order?

Network-Card-Old.jpgI question I have received after my last blog post was

How many Business Cards should I order?

This is a complicated question. So I will try to tell you what I do.
Whenever I print a business card design for the first time, I always print a low volume. This allows me to test out how the design looks and works for the application that they are for. I also try to order enough for the particular event I am ordering them for. Case in point, at last Motor City Comic Con I had business cards printed up. But I forgot to check a few things, and so the website was off. (It went to my computer business site and not to this blog) So in return I had to have the website changed, and because I changed the website, I am considering that in entirely new print. So for Monroe Comic Con I again ordered my business cards in a low volume (100 cards). Once I get a design that I am confident and have been able to try out in a practical use, then I will order in larger volumes.

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