How To Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed.

I was recently asked:

“Hey William, how can I attract viewers to my YouTube channel?”

Network Card OldNow there are literally 100s of ways you can do this, but this is what I have been doing and has been working. I have business cards that are made with my website on them, my website has a link back to my YouTube channel. Here is an example of my “Networking Cards”. This is actually one of my old cards, but it demonstrates what’s on my networking cards. My new cards actually don’t have my YouTube channel on them. It’s a great way to also spread your business.

I am also active in several local Video and YouTube communities on Facebook. I stick with locally based communities mainly because they have less spam, and some stiff rules as well.

Reddit is also a great option. With Reddit I do not go with the YouTube and Video communities but with area’s like /r/Electronics. If you participate in the discussions on Reddit (of witch I admit that I am not very good at), then you tend to get a really good turnout when you post your RELEVANT content to the sub-reddits.

All-in-all these are my best practices for generating YouTube views that have worked for me. I found these out by trial and error (best way I learn).

William McCormick

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