Discussing my decision to accept bitcoin and litecoin !!!!!1!

As I mentioned one month ago, I was considering accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for my business. But Amy and I have decided that I will accept Bitcoin and also I will accept Litecoin as forms of payment for my business. Four Bitcoin I will use a merchant system, I am just unsure if I’ll use coin base or bit pay. As for litecoin I am going to use it as a form of donation currency through my YouTube videos and even website.

Why use Bitcoin as a form of payment?

I do not expect many of my customers to actually use Bitcoin, I do not even think that less than 1% of my customers will use Bitcoin at all, but I am hoping that I can use the acceptance of Bitcoin as a talking point. As I make out a flyer to hand out and to post places, I am anticipating that the phrase “I now accept Bitcoin” will be an eye catcher. I am also anticipating that my videos that I will make on Bitcoin and litecoin will garner some questions. I am also going to post the QR codes and address of my crypto-currency wallets on my blog and on my channel.

Why are you including Bitcoin and not litecoin as payment for services?

Simple, Bitcoin has merchant systems, and Litecoin does not, also as I am looking to simplify my business, I do not want to have to many different payment systems.

When will you post info on them?

I am anticipating that I will have my first deal up in the first week of August, with an accompanying blog post. Of course I will cover Bitcoin first.


donate in bitcoin:1724A7mDCZg5fantV4UsjeoHfSA8JA8ysR

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