Year: 2013

Reactions to Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer reveal.

  As some people know I have been keeping up with the Call Of Duty series for a wile now. And I am excited about the new Call of Duty: Ghost that is coming out later this year. Today I

Discussing my decision to accept bitcoin and litecoin !!!!!1!

As I mentioned one month ago, I was considering accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for my business. But Amy and I have decided that I will accept Bitcoin and also I will accept Litecoin as forms of payment

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How My New Mic Works with Dragon NaturallySpeaking!!!

Well I have to say that this headset works remarkably well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I have tested it out into different areas of my computer, and I’m I have to admit that it is actually better than my old previous

Legacy of Romulus

Just the countdown video