Year: 2012

Charge your iphone or android with a 9v battery

Parts list 1x LM7805: 5v voltage regulator4x 22K ohm Resistors1x 220 ohm resister1x Red LED1x 22 microfarad capacitor1x 0.022 microfarad capacitorfor this video bread board1x USB cable to chop up1x 9v battery clip Here is the Circuit layout that I

Direction of my YouTube channels.

As some people have noticed there was no episode of The Voyage that came out this week. I had shot a video but it did not come out good so I decided to scrap it. I also took this week

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The Voyage episode 9: Regent Class (Federation Assault Cruiser Refit) Review, Star Trek Online

The Voyage episode 8 a look at a Secret area of the Fleet Starbase, How i got the name ComputerPimp