Small Kindle Fire Review

For Christmas i got my mother a Kindle Fire, This is my pro’s and Con’s list on it.

  1. The screen is a perfect size to be portable yet still very visible.
  2. The screen is very clear, and highly detailed
  3. The system is very responsive, producing a nice smooth interface.
  4. it uses a Standard Micro-B size USB cable for Charging and data connection.
  5. 8 gigs of internal storage, This is somewhat limited by the fact that the System itself takes up that same storage space so you get about 6.5 gigs.
  6. 5 gigs of Cloud storage for free (+1 gig for $1 a month)
  7. With 169 of Screen Pixel per Inch (PPI) It outdoes the IPAD 2 that has only 132 PPI
  8. 8 hour battery life.


  1.   No expandable storage, this does not take a SD card or anyother external storage add-ons, so the only way to have extra space is by using the Cloud.
  2. Power button is on the bottom of the tablet, This makes for it to be easily turned off if you just rest it on a table or arm of a chair. but this is easily fixed by turning the Fire upside down and the OS will rotate.
  3. Built-in storage could be bigger, 6.5 gigs is good, but power users like myself could easily fill that.
  4. No camera for Skype chat,  I have not looked though the app store to much but i did see Skype and Skype is Mainly used for Audio and Video chat. I did see skype compatible apps.

Editors note: I have gotten a kindle fire and skype itself was not in the market.

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