Backround Cycler Codenamed “V6”

I have developed a code model for the next version of Backround Cycler after version 5 is released. This version will be a complete rewrite of the source code from top down. The language that the program will be written in will also be changed to C++. This next release will be 100% native C++ using Win32++ framework. As Backround Cycler codenamed “cycler” was my journey learning C# so will codename “V6” be my journey though C++.

Not many people know that Backround Cycler started out as a prank, It would hide in my System tray looking like some other program, with code words for me to use it without anybody noticing it. every 10 minutes it would minimize all windows then change the desktop background. Later I put a better (somewhat) GUI on it and gave it to friends worked on the undercode and released it as Background Cycler version 0.8 Alpha (Closed Source). Decided to make this a public journy made the first Beta version open source and on Source Forage.

codename “V6” will not be a version 6 of Backround Cycler. It will do the exact same tasks as Backround Cycler but will start at Version 0 (planning) I have a few Running idea’s for a release Name but have not decided on a given name yet. Will keep you posted over at my Backround Cycler blog.

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