Year: 2011

Small Kindle Fire Review

For Christmas i got my mother a Kindle Fire, This is my pro’s and Con’s list on it. pros: The screen is a perfect size to be portable yet still very visible. The screen is very clear, and highly detailed

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet

I did have a return video planned but i feel this is important now. Mirror from Tell Congress not to censor the internet NOW! –​pipa/ PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the

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Backround Cycler Codenamed “V6”

I have developed a code model for the next version of Backround Cycler after version 5 is released. This version will be a complete rewrite of the source code from top down. The language that the program will be written

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Livonia Spree Fireworks 2011

The full video of the 2011 Livonia Spree fireworks. Video will play in HD. For non-HD video you can watch it here

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BasicComputerHelp coming back

BasicComputerHelp is returning. I know I have said that before, so lets see what happens. My First video will be about what has happened As for now here are some of the updates that will be happening. My YouTube channel

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