Year: 2010

Test Video’s from my new Camera’s

This was made on my Kodak EasyShare M1093     This video was made on my sanyo xacti CG10 I want to know what you think the videos

a small taste of the fireworks video

This was a test video i had done with no intent to upload it to the internet at all. The only purpose for this video was to test video quality during fast changing lights. In my opinion it did not

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What kind of Caterpillar is this?

I have a question, does anybody know what kind of caterpillar this is? A google search gave me a idea but it is not right.

What do you Guys What to Know About Me?

Leave in the comments on this post, @BasicComputer me, On my youtube profile for AllAboutWilliam, or right on my wall on Facebook, what ever questions you have that you want me to answer. I will answer it in my next

Whats on my agenda for this week and next?

My Plans for this week, In no particular order. I plan on Making a review of my phone (I already have pictures and stuff) I plan on creating a few vlogs. Already have made a test video on my phone

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