Cosplayers at Motor City Steam Con

2 weeks ago I went to the 2017 Motor City Steam Con. It was fun I just wish I had time to be there longer than just the end of the day.  Next Year I plan to go the entire weekend. Like my facebook page to see photos from the 2017 Autism Hero Walk. 


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Cosplayers at Bowl-A-Con in Livonia

over the weekend (July 14-16 2017) I went to Bowl-A-Con. It had a alright turnout on Saturday. Here are the cosplayers I got photos of there. Next week I will post my images from Motor City Steam Con as well.

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Cosplayers at the 2017 Motor City Comic Con

 Cosplayers at the 2017 Motor City Comic Con. This was a super busy convention and there was a LOT of great cosplayers this year. Meet a lot of new friends and reconnected with a lot of old friends as well. All in all great convention. Next con is going to be Bowl-A-Con in July. During June I intend to share some Photoshoots I have had over the last few months that have not been posted. as well as a FULL site redesign. Have fun.

William McCormick
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Cosplayers at Penguicon

Cosplayers at Penguicon. I also had 2 photoshoots at this event that will be posted next week. I will be posting a vlog on my Youtube channel about it as well. 
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Cosplyers at the 2017 Adrian Comic Con

Last Saturday I went to Adrian Comic Con (Run by I also got a photo shoot with two people there (post to come). I am behind on posting comic cons had some very bad lighting issues at Ypsilanti and Redford comic con I am trying to edit threw.

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