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Cosplayers at the 2018 Michigan Comic Con

about a month and a half ago I went to the First Michigan Comic Con. It was a blast and I had a photoshoot with Cede Sanity. (photos coming later) My personal issues are almost resolved and am going to get

Cosplayers at the 2018 Motor City Steam Con

Cosplayers at Motor City Steam Con In the middle of July I went to motor city steam con.I got a chance to meet some great cosplayers and take their picture. This post has been delayed because of personal reasons that

Cosplayers at Motor City Comic Con 2018

Last weekend I went to Motor City Comic Con. I had a fun time as always. Friday was a bit frustrating causing me to only make the last hour of the con. But Saturday and Sunday where great. I even

Cosplayers at LTU Anime con.

About 2 weeks ago (April 21) I attended LTU Anime Con. I had to work in the morning and did a podcast after I got there. As a result I did not get very many photos but Here is what

Cosplayers at Shuto Con 2018

Because of a car accident I got into I was unable to attend Great Lakes Comic Con on Saturday, And did not get to many shots on Friday. I may post those photo on the facebook page.  Last weekend I