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Projects and Plans for 2015.

Hello Readers/Viewers, I hope you had a good 2014, and I hope that 2015 will bring you happiness and prosperity. My 2014 was not the best of years, but it also wasn’t the worst either. For my 2015 I have

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Why am I getting the Zoom H6?

As was stated in my previous blog and a vlog. I am getting the zoom h6. I had announced that I was getting the bundle but now I am thinking about just the unit and using the extra money for

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Legacy of Romulus

Just the countdown video

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Direction of my YouTube channels.

As some people have noticed there was no episode of The Voyage that came out this week. I had shot a video but it did not come out good so I decided to scrap it. I also took this week

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The Voyage episode 10 WOW 10 episodes

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Basic Computer Help

"No one can tell you what to think.
Not your teachers.
Not your parents.
Not your minister, priest, or rabbi.
Not your friends or relatives.
Not this book. (or web page as the case may be)
You are the boss of your own mind.
If you have used your own mind to find out what is true, then you should be proud!
Your thoughts are free." -- Dan Barker