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Why am I getting the Zoom H6?

20140516_162843As was stated in my previous blog and a vlog. I am getting the zoom h6. I had announced that I was getting the bundle but now I am thinking about just the unit and using the extra money for a mic. At Comic Con I came up with the Idea to interview Detroit based businesses (as well as other artists) but I needed better Audio Equipment.
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Direction of my YouTube channels.

As some people have noticed there was no episode of The Voyage that came out this week. I had shot a video but it did not come out good so I decided to scrap it. I also took this week to think about how my YouTube and other business ventures are going to go.
So here is how my YouTube channels are going to go out:
Basic Computer Help; this channel will be all about computers and electronics, I will also start a miniseries on how to use start a business and computer repair, the miniseries will be about 5 videos in length may be more.
ComputerPimp; this channel will continue to be on The Voyage.
AllAboutWilliam; this will be my personal vlogging channel, also will be my update channel, on this channel I will post whatever updates are going to come also will contain video test clips, and of course whatever I feel like putting on this channel. So it’s more or less like a grab bag.

As for this website, I will stop using it just the post videos, unless there is helpful content that I cannot put in the video description section of my videos, or I want special formatting, the videos will not be posted on this website but I will include a search feature on this website so you can search my YouTube videos as well.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,
William McCormick

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