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Cosplayers at Motor City Nightmares

This last weekend I went to Motor City Nightmares and had a great time. Had a Computer HDD failure after but that is for another post. Here are the photos I got from Nightmares.

Cosplayers at DownRiver Comic Con

Over the weekend I went to Downriver Comic Con. Sadly there was a lack of Cosplayers at this one. I am thinking that it was because of the other events that where also going on at the same time. Here

Cosplayers at 2016 Cos-Play Con

On June 4, 2016 I attended the 2016 Cos-play con in Taylor, MI. It was fun with some good turnout. As I do with every event I try to learn something from each Shoot, if I have not learned anything

Cosplayers at Motor City Comic Con 2016

This year I went to Motor City Comic Con again, third year in a row. This year I got Lots of great photos, I will be posting photos from the Cos-play Competition in the next few weeks. Got a nice

Penguicon 2016

Two weeks ago I went to a Linux and Opensource convention (Penguicon), in the hopes to spark some idea’s for my Basic Computer Help channel. Good news is that it worked. I also managed to get some shots of some Cos-Players