Why am I getting the Zoom H6?

20140516_162843As was stated in my previous blog and a vlog. I am getting the zoom h6. I had announced that I was getting the bundle but now I am thinking about just the unit and using the extra money for a mic. At Comic Con I came up with the Idea to interview Detroit based businesses (as well as other artists) but I needed better Audio Equipment.

The Audio from my Camera’s is not able to handle what I need it to do. here is a little video I did with my niece.

The audio had to have major edits to get it to be understandable. And one Interview I had the clipping was so bad i had to get rid of the entire video. I determined that I needed a external option. My problem is that none of my Camera’s can take a external mic. Instead of upgrading my DSLR, I desided to save up for the Zoom H6. I picked the H6 so that I could use it both for interviews and for other video projects. It has the XY mic and the midsize mic with the package so could start out with a Mic already (as I do not have a mic at the moment). I should be able to get the H6 next month (assuming that no problems come along in that time). My future plans are to get a Mic for it, I am still on the fence about what mic to get.

I looked at other options as well, The TASCAM DR-60D, and the Zoom H4N, both really good options I got a chance to play with all three a few days ago, and a few others. A widget at the bottom of this post has what I looked at and liked.

Also look at these Lovely ladys and tell me that you would not want to have a nice conversation with then, and be able to keep the video because the audio was great.

Click to enlarge

Edit: The amazon widget is not updating properly, It is only really missing the H6 and a Yamaha recorder

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