Cosplayers at Taylor Town Comic Con

At the end of July I went to Taylor Town Comic Con. Meet some great Cos-players and got some great photos as well. Had some power issues from a storm that delayed my posting of this set. But hope you enjoy.

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Cosplayers at DownRiver Comic Con

Over the weekend I went to Downriver Comic Con. Sadly there was a lack of Cosplayers at this one. I am thinking that it was because of the other events that where also going on at the same time. Here are all three Cosplayers that I got at the event.

July 16, 2016-DSC_0168 July 16, 2016-DSC_0172

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Future Project that I am working on.

By the end on November (hoping early) I will publish a Limited number of Calendars for 2017. It will be a Cosplay Calendar. It will contain 13 or so of my BEST photos from the various Comic Cons. Already researching the number of ways I have to sort the Calendar photos. I will keep you posted on my status until then.

May 14, 2016-DSC_0218

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Photoshoot with Erica Smith

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Cosplayers at 2016 Cos-Play Con

June 04, 2016-DSC_0006 On June 4, 2016 I attended the 2016 Cos-play con in Taylor, MI. It was fun with some good turnout. As I do with every event I try to learn something from each Shoot, if I have not learned anything from a event or photo shoot then I did not try anything new. On this day I experimented with flash in dark area’s (at the after party) and Most of the day shot in Manual mode (normally shoot in Aperture Priority mode).

Take a look and my next blog will be about a photoshoot I did at Motor City Comic Con. Till then, have a nice day.

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