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Getting Started On YouTube. (Responses)

Here is the results of the Cameras that some people used to start on YouTube.

This is a spreadsheet that I put together to show what was used. I made it to keep anonymity.



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Why am I getting the Zoom H6?

20140516_162843As was stated in my previous blog and a vlog. I am getting the zoom h6. I had announced that I was getting the bundle but now I am thinking about just the unit and using the extra money for a mic. At Comic Con I came up with the Idea to interview Detroit based businesses (as well as other artists) but I needed better Audio Equipment.
Click to learn more on why I need it.

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I am steeping up my Photography game.

As was posted in my Vlog here. I had to get a new camera for Comic Con. It is the Nikon COOLPIX AW100and I like it. It does good with video and is easy to throw in my pocket. Only issue I have is that it needs really good light. If you are looking for one a little better then I recommend the Nikon COOLPIX AW120. Ways that I am going to steep up my Photography and Videography game now is, (just waiting to get the first two)

  1. I got a Premium Impact-Resistant Protective Digital Camera Case with Mini Tripod because I am accident prone
  2. I also got some extra batteries for the Coolpix here. With a few Extra’s as well. Good bye but Supply’s are Limited
  3. And a Targus Digital Camera/Camcorder Monopod

And will be getting the Zoom H6 Recorder Bundle in a few months (maybe next month) to improve my sound. I plan on doing a Video review of all my new stuff in the future as well.


Yes this post has Links to my Amazon Affiliate account. If i get people to buy from those Links I will be able to provide you with better and more frequent content in the future. Have a good day.

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Reactions to Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer reveal.

call_of_duty_ghosts-wallpaper-big  As some people know I have been keeping up with the Call Of Duty series for a wile now. And I am excited about the new Call of Duty: Ghost that is coming out later this year.

Today I watched the live reveal of the Multiplayer aspect of the game.  And I must say that I am exited for its launch. Even if I cannot afford a copy on the first day.  The ability to make a soldier instead of just a class is the biggest plus in my book. And to all my Female Voyage viewers out there you an even play a female character in the game.

They are dropping the number of air based kill streaks. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, as I do tend to knock out the enemy UAV with a rocket launcher. I am excited to see more of the ground based drone that replaces the UAV.

They got rid of death streaks, that is a good thing.

The dynamic environments is a interesting thing that I noted. The fact that the environment can change is nothing really new to gamming, not even to the Call of Duty series of games. But the fact that you can change a area by blowing up a gas station does make a interesting change to the Call of Duty series.

I do like the new game modes:

  • Cranked, where every kill makes you faster, but going longer then 30 seconds without a kill, will kill you.
  • Search and Rescue, a lot like Search and Destroy,, where your team can revive you by picking up your tag or enemies can deny the revive by doing the same.
  • Squads, where you and a squad compete against the AI or other players. I do not remember if your squad is other players or the AI.


I also like the fact that it will come out for both the PS3 and PS4 with the ability to transfer your Multiplayer across the the different generations of systems.

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Basic Computer Help

"No one can tell you what to think.
Not your teachers.
Not your parents.
Not your minister, priest, or rabbi.
Not your friends or relatives.
Not this book. (or web page as the case may be)
You are the boss of your own mind.
If you have used your own mind to find out what is true, then you should be proud!
Your thoughts are free." -- Dan Barker