Cosplayers at the 2016 Youmacon

Last weekend I went to Youmacon and took pictures of the cosplayers there. I have to say this event was much larger then I had thought it was going to be. It was a blast and I did only get about 1% of the cosplayers at this event. But still it was a great time

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Nightmare b4 Youmacon event

This last Saturday I went to the Nightmare b4 Youmacon had a blast. Got to meet some cool people and most importantly I got to learn some new techniques. This event was a Nightclub style event. So I saw very little and needed to use a flash.

This is what I was able to see nightmare-b4-youmacon-chat-2
 And I needed to turn it into this nightmare-b4-youmacon-chat-1

It was tricky but ultimately was a great experience. I will be posting video talking about it on my Vloging channel here Without further delay here is the shots I got at the Nightmare b4 Youmacon event.

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Cos-players at Ypsilanti Comic Con 2

A few weeks ago I attended the second Ypsilanti Comic Con and it was fun. Sadly I needed to get to work later that day and could not stay for this con.

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Cosplayers at Monroe Comic Con 2016

On October 1 I went to Monroe Comic Con and had a LOT of fun. Met some wonderful people, and had a nice chat with some stars. Even got another photo-shoot. All around good time. I do have some more material for future blog posts for slow months from this event.

Without further ado here are the Cosplayers I got at Monroe Comic Con

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Cosplayers at Motor City Nightmares

This last weekend I went to Motor City Nightmares and had a great time. Had a Computer HDD failure after but that is for another post. Here are the photos I got from Nightmares.
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