Cosplayers at Penguicon 2018

Last weekend (May 4-6 2018) I attended my Third Penguicon. This was a fun one. Not only did I get to meet new people. I also gave a presentation on Taking photos in bad lighting. And a panel on basic home repair. I also recorded a podcast with my podcast Media Litter Sandwich. This was my first time soloing anything in front of people so I did get nervous. I am going to make a vlog talking about it in a few days. Until then Enjoy the photos I did get there. 

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Cosplayers at LTU Anime con.

About 2 weeks ago (April 21) I attended LTU Anime Con. I had to work in the morning and did a podcast after I got there. As a result I did not get very many photos but Here is what I got.

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Cosplayers at Shuto Con 2018

Because of a car accident I got into I was unable to attend Great Lakes Comic Con on Saturday, And did not get to many shots on Friday. I may post those photo on the facebook page. 

Last weekend I went to Shuto Con. This maybe the farthest I have driven for a con yet. I made some new friends and got some great ideas. Here are the photos from Shuto Con

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Nightmare Be4 Youmacon 2017

Back before Youmacon I attended a party for Halloween I had fun like the year before and it provided me a lot of challenges again. This year Right after NBY2017 I started to process of buying a house and that sucked up more of my time then I had originally thought it would. So over the next few weeks I am going to catch up on the backlog of events I had during that time,
Here are a lot of the cosplayers I meet this year at the party.

Cosplayers at Youmacon 2017

About 2 weeks ago I went to Youmacon. It was my second year going and it was fun. Again I got to meet some really good cosplayers and networked with some new people. As well as catch up with some old friends there as well. I even got a photo shoot with a old friend. The day before Youmacon I put in a offer for a new house, and that was accepted well I was at Youmacon. The process has consumed most of my time delaying most of my social media and blog posts. I will be behind threw christmas so please be paitiant with me. After Christmas I will be better setup to get things done better. EVEN having a studio setup to shoot my youtube videos. Exciting time for me.
Thank you,
William Edward McCormick

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