Cos-Players at Ypsilanti’s First Comic*Con


First I must apologize for the late post and lack of Images, I caught a nasty bug before this event that had me under the weather. I did manage to get some good shots though, This was a small event (about 20 tables or so). I managed to get a few shots of Cos-players. At the end of the Gallery is a video made by my good friend ToadenK. My illness also made me need to skip the Nain Rouge

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I am Going to Ypsilanti Comic Con


Do to a last minute change in plans, I will be attending the Ypsilanti Comic Con this Saturday. I will be taking photos of Cos-players and Testing out a video idea I have for Motor City Comic Con. I would love to see you there if you are going. Wish this was a longer post but I just wanted to update my readers as to this event.


William McCormick

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Cos-players At Great Lakes Comic*Con

February 27, 2016-DSC_0082

February 27, 2016-DSC_0082Over the last 2 years I have been going to various events around my area. I have been photographing most of my events, But most of the time just putting them on my private Facebook page. So I am planning on doing blog posts with my best photos here. Some will be from tests, with results of the tests. This con I did test a few things out for Future videos but this post will be talking about (and showing) the various cos-players at Great Lakes Comic Con, and Got a lot of photos there (Complete Gallery at the end of this post).
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I am headed to Great Lakes Comic Con!


Click to go to Great Lakes Comic Con Website

Hello everyone. If you have not noticed yet, I have put up a events page up showing the events I am planning on going to. First up, this year, is Great Lakes Comic Con and will be in about 2 weeks. I will be there with all my gear and equipment to photograph the Cosplayers and Interview people. It will be a great time. I do not have any gatherings planned so if you go shoot me a tweet to @basiccomputer on twitter and we can meet up there. Also if you go and see me, go ahead and say “hi”. Trust me I don’t bite.

Also, at this con I am going to be testing out a new lens the NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. If it does good it will be part of my Comic Con kit. At the moment I am using the kit lens (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6) I am planing a video review of that and a Vertical Battery Grip by Neewer.

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Learning from your Mistakes


As a lot of people know. I went to Monroe Comic Con a few months ago. I had fun but ran into a few issues there. All of my problems was from poor planning on my part. As with all failures, you can ether let them be, OR you can learn from them. I like to learn from my mistakes and problems, even the failures.

I had a few major issues when I went to this Comic Con. First one was that I did not take my own car. I decided to travel with others that where just going to have fun, nothing wrong with that. Well being the small con that it is, my travel buddies decided to go home after a few hours. Lesson from this “Take my own car when I am going on a job”

Another problem I had was my camera gear, This was the first time I used my DSLR backpack at a con, and it did not function the way that my Nikon Bag did. The backpack is great when I go to the Nain Rouge event, but not so much at a convention. Not a big problem I just learned that I need to use my bag at comic con instead of my backpack.

All-in-all it was a great con. I got to network myself with more great people there. Got to catch up with friends that went as well. I also used it as a great learning opportunity.

William McCormick

PS. Here are some of the images from Monroe Comic Con that I got.

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